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Since 2013 Internationalpeptides.com has become the industry leader of innovative research and developmental peptide projects. With our Headquarters located in North America, we can provide locally advanced research, unmatched customer service, and expedited shipping, both domestic and international. Our infrastructure was built by quality and cost efficiency, to not only provide our customers with the highest grade of products but at a significant cost saving for your research requirements. We have partnered with WHO/GMP and ISO 9001:2008 approved manufacturer facilities to bring you the highest quality of precision manufactured peptide research products. Click through our category of research products and discover more about peptides are why our company sets the bar in quality when you order peptides online. International peptides offer biologically active polypeptides for life science research. Our clients range from private companies to large multinational corporations and individuals specializing in neuroscience, anti-aging and metabolic non-clinical research.

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Our company offers one of the best places to purchase peptides. Our peptides are stored in a temperature-controlled and monitored system. Our company listens to our customers and designs products that you, the customer expects, and the level of service and quality that you demand. At International Peptides, we take a customer-centric approach, putting the customer first by providing our customers with premier service, expedient shipping, and setting the benchmark for the highest quality peptide bond products and chemical structures. We work tirelessly to be an extension of your research organization providing value-added expertise in a cost-effective manner. Our clients range from private companies to individuals specializing in life science. Check out our international journal of peptide research and therapeutics blog for the latest information in regards to our peptide projects. We look forward to building a business relationship with your company/organization and providing you with leading-edge technology, research, and products to support your projects. All information regarding peptide projects is controlled by the client and confidential into perpetuity. Sincerely,

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